Centerscape manages over 420,000 square meters of retail space for Europe’s most important retailers.


Many of Europe’s biggest retailers trust Centerscape to successfully manage their locations, with dedicated property and asset managers available to tenants.

We understand the business of retailing, and we work hard to make sure our tenants do not have to worry about day-to-day property maintenance, but can simply focus on doing what they do best — running their businesses.
  • 165 properties with a net rentable area of over 420,000 square meters
  • 75% of income comes from food retail tenants


To make sure our properties perform, we choose them carefully. Before we acquire, we conduct an in-depth location analysis, based on demographic development, the strength of the local economy, competition, supply and demand in the catchment area, as well as a detailed cash-flow analysis. We also work closely with retailers to ensure that our buildings meet their requirements throughout the entire property life cycle.

A long-term investor, Centerscape combines careful property selection and underwriting with best in quality in-house asset and property management to create and sustain value throughout the entire real estate lifecycle. By doing so we not only help retailers maximize the profitability of their locations, we also secure a healthy long-term income stream for our investment partners.


Asset Managers are responsible for contracts, letting, budgets, extensions and repositioning of properties. They maintain regular contact with our tenants to ensure that our properties are adapted to their changing requirements.
Property Managers are responsible for providing our tenants with a smooth administrative service, including rent invoices, property operating cost statements, and insurance.
Project Managers are there hands-on to make sure construction and building maintenance runs smoothly. Available to tenants on short notice, they make sure any problems that might come up are resolved quickly.
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