We acquire high-quality retail real estate - in Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic, that is integrated into an urban fabric or community and delivers valuable, stable, long-term returns.


Centerscape currently owns and manages more than 420,000 sqm of real estate, with Europe’s leading retailers as its tenants. Our company targets best-in-class, modern format retail properties in highly visible and accessible locations in markets with excellent demographics.

Centerscape invests for the long-term in non-cyclical, necessity-anchored retail properties, offering stable, healthy cash flows from strong retailers with high quality covenants.

In addition to investing and developing new buildings, we also acquire and transform older properties with shorter leases. By investing at various stages of the property life cycle Centerscape is able to adapt to changing investment market conditions.

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  • Asset: Retail properties / projects with leading food retailers as an anchoring tenant [min. 800 sqm sales area with appr. 4,500 sqm plot size]
  • Size: min. €500k per property
  • Macro Location: economically strong cities with stable or rising demographic forecast in Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic
  • Micro Location: high-quality retail properties, which are very well integrated into the urban environment
  • Asset: Retail properties / projects such as drugstores / organic markets / hairdressers / restaurants / pharmacies / bank branches / clothing stores etc. [min. 150 sqm ground floor retail units]
  • Size: min. €500k per property
  • Macro Location: Berlin
  • Micro Location: vibrant active retail locations
Do you have a property or portfolio that meets the above criteria? Please contact our Investment Team


Long-leased stabilized properties
Completed and operating properties with over 10 years remaining lease term.

Turnkey projects
Forward purchase of properties under development which will be completed in the next 6 to 12 months.

Proactive asset management projects
Older properties in densely populated locations with shorter leases of less than 10 years and potentially vacant space that may need investment, redevelopment and re-leasing.

Development projects
Properties to be constructed but with the land secured as well as building permit and anchor lease contract in place. More about our development projects
A streamlined investment process. When we have gathered all the required information about a property, our investment process follows a transparent partnership approach. After signing a Letter of Intent, we then work during our technical and legal due diligence with our own in-house team as well as external advisers. Ideally, the whole process should take no longer than six to ten weeks, depending on the complexity of the transaction and the quality and completeness of the information provided to us by the seller.

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