People are our most important resource.

Centerscape is a young, well capitalized company with a clear strategy, good partners, strong investors, and last but not least, a great team.

Our employees are key to providing tenants with quality service and in building long- term value for our investors and our tenants.

We believe in recruiting the best people for each position, compensating them well, fostering a dynamic and balanced work environment, and providing them the communication, tools and training to successfully perform and enjoy their work.

We are very focused on investing, developing and managing retail properties in Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic, and we are determined to be the best at it. We are growing fast, and we are always looking for good people.

If you are an ambitious person looking to get instant hands-on experience in the German or Polish real estate market, consider getting in touch with us.


Email us at to tell us about yourself and to find out more.

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