We value our people and we believe that investment in them and in high quality management systems is critical to maintaining the highest levels of motivation and productivity.
Enthusiastic and productive employees deliver high quality service to our tenants, investors and business partners.

Furthermore, we value teamwork. We believe that a collective contribution to success through harnessing talent from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds in a collegial manner will lead to optimum efficiency and strong results.

We strive to be an open and honest business partner for the long-term and we seek to adhere to the strongest ethical principles.

We value the trust that investors have invested in our team and the Company. We feel a strong duty to ensure that we work with great care and diligence in order to deliver to them high-quality, long-term income streams.

We believe in making a positive difference to the communities in which we operate and we recognize our duty to protect our environment to contribute to a sustainable future.

By focusing on our values we firmly believe we will achieve Centerscape’s mission.

  • To be the pre-eminent, necessity-anchored retail property company in Europe
  • To be a long term and reliable partner to retailers and offer property stewardship of the highest order
  • To have the most talented and motivated management team in our sector
  • To deliver high-quality and long-term income streams for our investors
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